Wallenberg Hall at Stanford University

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The Wallenberg family's great generosity has allowed us to create a space to work with Stanford faculty and collaborators all over the world. Along the way the faculty, staff and students here have learned a few things, and while a number of our findings have been presented at academic conferences, they've not been readily available, collected in one place for easy review.


Blog: http://wallenberg.stanford.edu/blog for updates and reports from staff and faculty in the Hall.

Conference materials: http://wallenberg.stanford.edu/conferences

Reports, Projects, and Other Resources

High Performance Learning Spaces Report (January 2007) A serialized report on the impact of Wallenberg Hall tools on teaching and learning.

The Global Reach of Wallenberg Hall: A Google Earth project (.pdf) (February 2007) A step-by-step description for creating a visual representation of those that have visited and been inspired by Wallenberg Hall.

Using Wikis in Teaching, Learning, and Research on Campus (February 2007) An article from Stanford's Speaking of Computing describing the work that Helen Chen and Dan Gilbert have done in Wallenberg Hall studying participatory technologies in classes.

Cinerama for the Academic Auteur (March 2007) Some folks have been playing with very broad screen presentations in the Peter Wallenberg Learning Theater.

SRI Centers for Learning and Teaching Project : Wikis in Education Podcast. (March 2007) Listen to staff from Wallenberg Hall and colleagues from SRI International discuss the use of wikis in classroom settings.

Teaching and Learning in Wallenberg Hall’s Experimental Classrooms (May 2007) A white paper from Sabine Hoidn and Dan Gilbert proposing complementary approaches to learning research based on activities in Wallenberg Hall.